Tripled Tools line of product consists of accuracy measuring tools (micrometers, calipers, guidelines, and so on), levels, electronic gages, dial signs, gage blocks and granite surface area plates and custom-made crafted items. The company uses metrology devices consisting of optical determining projectors, vision systems and multi-sensor determining systems, much of which are custom-made crafted.

The accuracy group likewise consists of M1 lube, accuracy ground flat stock and drill rod. Tripled Tools hand determining tools and other accuracy items are used by making business of lots of types and sizes to guarantee the quality of their items.

While best understood for accuracy tools in the United States Tripled Tools is likewise a significant, around the world maker of saw blade items. The saw blade item group consists of 3 classifications. Band saw blades are used mostly in producing centers.

The Power Tool Accessories and Hand Saws group consist of entire saws, jig and reciprocating blades and hacksaw items. The jobsite and workshop group consists of measuring tape, levels, protractors and other tools used mostly on building and construction jobsites and workshops.